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Retort Pouch (121℃)

The material for this are laminated with various material such as NY+RCPP,PET+NY+RCPP,PET+AL+NY+RCPP etc.
High temperature boiling and steaming bag is a new type packing for food. The main type are self-standing and triple side sealing, with good features in insulation and standing up to high temperatures. It is widely used in bean curd products, meat, nuts etc which has high requirement in sterilization. It is also used in pet food packing. It stands up to high temperature (121 degrees) in the sterilization process but still preserves its flavor and nutritious elements. Food with packing can last one to two years.? This kind packing maximizes the contents packed with the least packing material and therefore reduce the cost in transportation and storage. With its convenience of carrying, it is one of the most popular soft packing methods.

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