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Biodegradable Plastic Product

Our Advantage: We successfully developed to produce Tableware with starch material,so that eco-friendly materials are more widely used.

Component Options:
1) Biodegradable Additive (D2W or EPI) + plastic
2) Corn Starch +plastic

Product Feature: With the biodegradable material, the plastic product can be decomposed in 12 months when are under composting conditions. It is easy to absorb the dampness, easy to be degraded by microorganism. We can add the fragrance with the bag according to client's requirement.

The material can be made into Tableware,the T-shirt bag, T-shirt bag in roll, Rolling bag, Garbage bag ,Saddle bag, Shopping bag, Cord bag ,Apron, Glove.. We can add the fragrance with the product/ bag according to client's requirement.

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