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      Rivon Plastic Color Printing & Packing (HK) Ltd. was found in the early of 1990s with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The production base is located at the nearby Foshan city of Guangdong Province of China, which is the centre of the heart of the economic booming Pearl River delta area.

      As one of the leading manufacturers in the packing and color printing industry, Rivon provides services from design, plate-making, color printing, lamination, film-cutting and pouch making to finished product. Our main products are plastic packing film, labels & bags on such different materials as PET, PVC, PP, PE, OPP, CPP, 100% Corn Starch, Static Film and Aluminum Foils. Our products category covers shrinking film, multi-layer aluminum foils compounding bags, biodegradable plastic bags, high-temperature steam boiling bags, low-temperature resistance bags, vacuum bags, liquid bags and zip lock standing bags. These products are widely used in industries like food, daily necessities, cosmetics, and farm chemicals, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

      We have been keeping abreast with the latest manufacturing technology and follow the development trend of the printing and packing industry. We are customer- oriented and centered in design and production. Our company is accredited with standards like ISO9001 and ISO14000 International Quality Certification & Quality Safety Certification. Our sales network covers Europe, Japan, South America, Australia, Africa and recently we have succeeded in exploring North American market.

      We cordially welcome your query about our products and possible OEM and ODM orders of your particular requirement. Our operation value and the fundamental principle have always been constant, i.e. to create value for our customers in their market by meeting the customer demands to the highest standard and keeping our customers satisfied by providing quality product, competitive price & excellent service.

      For any query or possible cooperation, just contact we about your requirement and we will make recommendation to you from technical advice, design, sample printing and quotation.
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