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Rivon Packing fulfills one-stop resource management with integrated computer information management systems such as purchasing , sales, production and warehousing.It own the international advanced rotogravure presses equipped, laminating machines, slitting machines & pouch making machines.

Rotogravure Printing Sets
Our company owns 8-color rotogravure printing sets with an advanced computer-controlled color registration system and online display system. Maximum speed of these machines exceeds 180 meters per minute. The light axle control systems of these machines guarantee high-speed printing on different materials. We are also equipped with ultraviolet chromatographic detectors and other advanced digital management systems that guarantee printing quality.

Laminating Machines
We imported several dry mode laminators and extrusion mode laminators which are suitable for the production of high quality composite products in various structures, for example, OPP/CPP, OPP/VMPET/CPE, PET/AL/CPP and NY/LLDPE. It features even gluing,reliable laminating,never delaminating,flat laminating surface,no creasing etc.

Slitting Machines & Pouch Making Machines
Our pouch making machines, zipper fastener machines and slitting machines cut the packaging materials and put them into pouch form. These advanced equipments can make a variety of plastic bags such as three-sided bags and self-standing zipper fastening bags. These machines also make tear-notches and holes of various shapes and sizes instantly.


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